Description of the holiday house Utrina

units - 1
bedrooms - 1
sleeps - 5
guests without lodging - 5
The holiday house Utrina is located in the village Morhi. The eco compex offers rooms with 4-5 sleeps. It provides private WC, shower, kitchen and steambath. Also our complex provides accomodation in traditional indian houses tipis (wigwams). Up to four meals a day can be served on request. We are engaged in ecological agriculture. Neither pesticide nor chemical fertilizers are used. Livestock is kept in the open air, without hormones and antibiotics. Therefore, the food here is really nice and has the best taste. An array of activities can be enjoyed in the surroundings, including: walking, cycling, horse riding, sled dog racing, hiking with aleutian kayak.

Services of the holiday house Utrina

Room and outdoor facilities
  • Common toilet
  • Common area bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Gas stovetop
  • Oven
  • Electric kettle
  • Steambath
  • Canopy
  • Swings
  • Petting paddock
  • Kitchen garden
  • Camping
  • Self catering
  • Natural products
  • Fruit and vegetables from the garden
  • Home cuisine
Amenities, entertainment
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
Sport, equipment
  • Mushroom and berry picking
  • Boating
  • Field trips
  • Horse riding
  • Aleutian kayak
  • Forest
  • Lake
  • Child friendly
  • Pets allowed
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