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Abandoned And Forgotten! 9 Belarus Castles And Churches That We Can Lose Forever

BelarusFeed. Dilapidated castles, abandoned palaces and decayed churches, we can’t help but wonder how these impressive buildings have come to be forgotten.
Once grand and magnificent they are now simply a shell, a ruin, merely hinting at what was there hundreds of years before.

You Can Visit Mir Castle Via Unique Virtual Reality Application

BelarusFeed. Are you ready to plunge into virtual reality tour of Mir Castle?
Minsk software developers created a multifunctional mobile platform for tourists that can bring you to Mir Castle, wherever you are.

How To Visit FOUR Main Castles Of Belarus In ONE Day?

BelarusFeed. Belarusian castles, though not numerous, are a tourist must-see. How can one see the main ones considering that they are located at a distance from each other and, most importantly rather far away from Minsk?
Well, nothing is impossible! All you will need is a car, a map and a good company.

Boo! Demoniac House Outside Minsk That Gives Creeps All Its Neighbors

BelarusFeed. Not far from Minsk, in Ratomka town, you may find a very interesting house. Locals are afraid to pass it by not only at night but during the daytime too. The things that frighten people most are the hands sticking out of the fence, the arbor and dome that are laid out in skulls.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha To Launch Tractor Safari For Tourists

BelarusFeed. Visitors to Belovezhskaya Pushcha national park will soon be offered an unusual ecotour – around the primeval forest on a tractor.
You might have been on a wildlife safari but you have surely not been on the one like this!

VEDAJ.BY - Architecture and culture of Belarus

Belarusian towns and villages keep а large number of beautiful architectural and cultural monuments. There are old churches and cathedrals, castles, palaces and manor houses, town halls, chapels or other significant sights almost in every city or town in Belarus.

The Telegraph Names Belarus Forest Among 25 Places In Eastern Europe To See In Your Lifetime

BelarusFeed. The national park Belovezhskaya Pushcha, located at the border with Poland, got 18th place in the list of lifetime destinations in Eastern Europe compiled by The Telegraph.
The Britons are advised to go there for ancient woodland and bison.

7 Cosy Belarusian Towns For An Ideal Weekend Getaway

BelarusFeed. This year Belarus might welcome more foreign tourists than ever before. If you are already browsing tickets and hotels and making up a list of places to see, consider sparing a day or two to explore something outside Minsk.
Here’s a list of Belarusian towns that are totally worth visiting!

$1 Mln Palace, House Matryoshka And Other Oldest Buildings Of Minsk

BelarusFeed. Because of the aftermath of WWII that swept the city away, we don’t have as many ancient buildings as other European capitals.
However, some old constructions survived over the years and perfectly complement the modern look of Minsk.

7 Facts About Minsk Mosque That Will Be Open By Belarus And Turkey Presidents Today

BelarusFeed. On Friday, 11 November, Presidents of Turkey and Belarus will participate in the inauguration of Cathedral Mosque in Minsk.
Here are 7 interesting insights about this place of worship.