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Tourists From 18 Countries Visit Grodno Via Visa-Free Program Since 1 January

BelarusFeed. Since the beginning of the year, visa-free tourists from 18 countries visited Grodno and its surrounding areas.
More, Belarus needs more tourists!

Visa-Free Tourists From 15 Countries Visit Grodno During Winter Holidays

BelarusFeed. SVisa-free tourists from 15 countries visited Grodno and its surroundings during the New Year holidays.
And more are on their way!

Brest And Grodno 10 Days Visa-Free Regime. All You Need To Know

BelarusFeed. Starting 1 January the visa-free travel time for foreign citizens was extended up to ten days in several areas of Brest Oblast and Grodno Oblast.
There is all you should know about visa-free travel to Brest and Grodno!

Brest Welcomes First Visa-Free Tourists

BelarusFeed. Brest welcomed the first visa-free tourists on 1 January, who arrived to Belarus from Polish Terespol by train.
A family from Biala Podlaska is the first group of tourists who arrived to Brest visa free.

Over 54,000 Visa-Free Tourists Visit Belarus In 2017

Over 54,000 visa-free tourists visited Belarus via five-day visa-free program launched in February this year.
Let’s find out who came and what they did in the country which still remains a mystery for many travellers from all over the world!

Four Updates On Visa-Free Stay in Belarus You Can’t Afford To Miss

BelarusFeed. Belarus remained a blank spot on the map for many foreigners for quite a long time. However the situation changed drastically this year. Let’s look what exactly happened!
The numbers speak for themselves A total of 56,000 tourists have visited Minsk after 5 days visa-free program was launched in Belarus in mid-February this year. They arrived from 68 countries. The majority of guests came from Germany, Poland, Italy, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Russia To Set Up Posts On Border With Belarus in Spring 2018

BelarusFeed. Russia is ready to set up temporary border posts at the Belarusian-Russian border in spring 2018.
“We will closely monitor the border posts from May,” – Alexander Gorovoy, the first deputy head of the Russian Interior Ministry, warned.

Most Visa-Free Tourists To Belarus Are Germans

BelarusFeed. Tourists from Germany, Poland and Italy use visa-free entry to Belarus most actively, Sports and Tourism Ministry has revealed.
The number of Germans who came without a visa is close to 4000. Interestingly, this figure is higher than the total number of organized German tourists to Belarus in 2016.

From 2018 Foreign Tourists To Belarus Will Be Able To Register Online

BelarusFeed. Beginning next year, foreign tourists arriving in Belarus for more than 5 days will be able to make registration online instead of making personal visits to local migration offices, TUT.BY reports on 8 June.

Polish LOT Mulling Flights To Grodno

BelarusFeed. Poland and Belarus are considering the launch of air service to Grodno Airport. Flights will be operated by LOT Polish Airlines, Oleg Andreichik, the head of the sports and tourism office of the Grodno Region Executive Committee revealed. Read more...

Over 20,000 Visa-Free Travelers Enter Belarus Via Minsk Airport Since February

BelarusFeed. Over 20,000 foreign nationals have already visited Belarus visa-free, Aleksei Begun, the head of the Citizenship and Migration Department at the Interior Ministry of Belarus, BelTA reports.

Belarus will introduce 30-day visa-free entry for Chinese citizens who are holders of passports for official travel, TUT.BY writes.

BelarusFeed. “Presidential decree No173 establishes the rules of visa-free entry, exit, transit and temporary stay for up to 30 days in the territory of Belarus for Chinese citizens holding passports for official trips as travel documents,” press service of the Belarusian leaders reported on 19 May.

Belarus And Argentina Abolish Visas Starting 19 May

BelarusFeed. Mutual visa-free entry between Belarus and Argentina will come into force starting 19 May, the embassy of Belarus in Argentina reported.
“Visa-free entry for citizens of the Argentine Republic opens on 19 May, 2017,” a note on the embassy’s website reads.

12 Tricky Visa-Free Questions From Travelers Answered By Border Officers

BelarusFeed. Belarus has opened visa-free entry for citizens of 80 states starting February 2017. In one month, over 4000 travelers have used this option to visit the country.
However, many still have questions regarding visa-free travel. How to avoid mistakes while counting the duration of stay? How to enter the country? How to prolong a visit to Belarus?
BelarusFeed has collected some of the most frequent questions and asked the State Border Committee of Belarus to respond to them.

“We Want More Days”: First Visa-Free Tourists Arrive In Belarus

BelarusFeed. First visa-free tourists arrived in Belarus from China, Finland and Italy. Starting 12 February citizens of 80 states can spend up to 5 days in the country without a visa.

Welcome To Belarus: 11 FAQs On Visa-Free Entry

BelarusFeed. In February 2017 visa-free entry to Belarus will open to citizens of 80 countries. Foreigners will be able to spend up to 5 days in Belarus without any visa and registration formalities. To make the exploration of one of the Europe’s last off-the-beaten-track spots more comfortable, here’s a list of FAQs and things to know for those who decide to use this option.

Belarus Cancels Visas For Citizens Of 80 States

BelarusFeed. Citizens of 80 countries can enter Belarus visa-free for up to 5 days through Minsk National Airport.
Visa-free entry will apply to citizens of 39 European states, including all EU countries, as well as to Brazil, Indonesia, the USA, Japan and other states (see the FULL list bellow).

BREAKING: Visa Free Time Up To 10 Days In Brest And Grodno

Starting 1 January the visa-free travel time for foreign citizens will be extended up to ten days in several areas of Brest Oblast and Grodno Oblast.

Grodno Tourist Info Center Opens in Polish Bialystok

BelarusFeed. A tourist information center of Grodno was launched in Bialystok on 3 November.
The center dedicated to Grodno and the region is located in the building of the Opera and Philharmonic Society in the Polish city of Bialystok.

7 FAQs On Visa-Free Entry To Augustow Canal – Starting Next Week!

BelarusFeed. One more Belarusian natural reserve will become visa-free for foreign tourists. The announced visa-free entry to the recreation park Augustow Canal will start operating on 26 October, 2016.
How the thing will work – in simple explanations.

Visa-Free Travel Between Belarus And Brazil Coming On 25 November

BelarusFeed. Starting November 25, 2016 visa-free entry will be operating between Belarus and Brazil.
The information was posted on the official Facebook page of the Brazilian Embassy in Minsk.