Description of the holiday house Teremock (Braslav)

units - 1
bedrooms - 2
sleeps - 4
guests without lodging - 4
The holiday house Teremock is located on the Driviaty Lake, 10 km from Braslav.

It is a wooden small house near the forest, 500 m away from the lake.

The property features:
fully-equipped kitchen,
WC, shower,
hot and cold water,

Outdoor facilities include:
row boat on the lake.

In the village there are shops and a cozy café, where you can play billiard and table tennis.

The host is an experienced fisherman and hunter.

Services of the holiday house Teremock (Braslav)

Room and outdoor facilities
  • Common toilet
  • Common area bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Refrigerator
  • Gas stovetop
  • TV
  • Steambath
  • Sauna
  • Flower garden
  • Self catering
  • Cafe
Amenities, entertainment

  • Billiard
Sport, equipment
  • Fishing
  • Table tennis
  • Row boat
  • Lake
  • Beach
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